Perito Moreno

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One rainy day we decided to see Perito Moreno Glacier. It was difficult to get to it, because of heavy rain a day earlier. We could not take bus as we planned thus we decided to take a boat. It was still raining when we approached the glacier, netherless it did not stop us from hiking on slopes surrounding the glacier.
Perito Moreno Glacier, in the southern area of the Los Glaciares National Park, is the most important and most easily reached glacier. This is an imposing ice river, 3 km in width and 60 m in height, that descends slowly from the Hielo Continental Patagonico (Patagonian Continental Ice) to the shore of the lake, in the Canal de los Tempanos (Icebergs Channel). Only 200 m above sea level, it has turned into the biggest attraction of the region thanks to its spectacular beauty, its glacial interest and its different behavior to the rest of the glaciers of the world. It is a white giant that, moving noisily, offers an incredible scenery. During its slow advance, it blocks the Canal de los Tempanos, forming an ice dam that does not allow the drainage of the waters of the South Arm to the central part of the lake. The pressure of the water trying to recover its natural course increases from year to year until it starts to pierce the front of the glacier, producing the famous "fracture". This is a unique spectacle that repeats itself every 4 or more years where tons of ice yield to the force of the water. This process lasts up to 36 hours; peace and silence return afterwards.
On our approach we found a few icebergs sPeritoM01.jpg (4825 bytes) If somebody was alert enough it was possible to catch ice falling into lake sPeritoM03.jpg (6704 bytes)
Intermittently some icebergs disintegrated, created lots of noise and splash sPeritoM10.jpg (4163 bytes) We kept walking back and forth in order to find the best vista point. sPeritoM07.jpg (6470 bytes)
sPeritoM09.jpg (4186 bytes) It was raining dogs and cats - after twenty minutes everybody was totally wet. sPeritoM08.jpg (5312 bytes)
sPeritoM05.jpg (3637 bytes)