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Our first river in Costa Rica was Reventazon. Rafting was relatively easy and we were eager to experience real adventures. Next day we started rafting on Pacuare river and we were complaining about lack of adventures. Our guide deliberately (I think) lead our raft onto a big rock. Two out of six passengers immediately landed in water. Everybody was happy that real adventures begun.

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At the end of the first day of rafting we stopped in a jungle lodge. It kept raining. Nobody expected any problems. Spacuare01.JPG (5084 bytes)Spacuare02.JPG (5333 bytes) The next picture was taken a day later when water raised seven feet
Vicinity of our jungle hut Spacuare03.JPG (6740 bytes)Spacuare06.JPG (7813 bytes) Spacuare05.JPG (7208 bytes)