Machame & Shira

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We are about to begin out trek. A small van like this takes us to the trailhead in Machame village. mmahame.jpg (8324 bytes) People in Machame village mwioska1.jpg (7582 bytes)
Shops in the village mwioska2.jpg (9382 bytes) Machame village - our porters are preparing to carry all the equipment mstart.jpg (11501 bytes)
Tomasz Hilsberg in front of the Machame Hut.
We stayed in our tent while cook prepared meal for us.
mmachamehut.jpg (11475 bytes) It was real nice to take off the shoes after we made steep ascent. mmachamenamiot.jpg (10556 bytes)
One of the first views of Kilimanjaro on the route. mmachamekili3.jpg (4405 bytes) Shira Plateau - Ben and Arbogast are preparing meal mshira.jpg (7785 bytes)