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This is page about my November 2000 honeymoon trip to Hawaii.

Next day after I got married we flew to Hawaii. Of course it was not expedition or adventure travel, it was just leisure travel as one could expect from a honeymoon  trip. Our travel agent booked the trip. She found quite good hotels. It was package tour. We made one restriction for her - we wanted to visit as many islands as possible. We did not have to arrange anything, we just arrived to Honolulu and somebody was waiting to help us.

The first part was in Island of Oahu.
We stayed in Waikiki (Moana Surfrider Hotel) a few meters from the beach and shopping centers.
We did not rent car on Oahu Island - we depended on buses provided by tour operators.
The first tour was visit to Polynesian Cultural Center in North-East part of the island.
Next day there was bus tour around the island and viewing Honolulu from sea.
Second island the we visited was Maui.
This time we rented car so we could travel according to our own schedule. We had four wheel drive car. One stupid thing that car rental company requested was not to drive on unpaved roads. Why would we rent SUV, if we did not intend to use it on difficult roads?!
This time we stayed in Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua. The hotel stayed to its reputation though we were unable to use its all amenities - too much time was spent seeing the island.
We could not resist climbing on top of Haleakala (in car) to see sunrise.
We drove Hana Road in South-Eastern part of the island.
Next stop was in Hilton, Waikoloa Village, Big Island. My belly was no match for Buda although I tried hard.
Mauna Kea Astronomical Observatory was our first point of interest that day followed by Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
I attempted in vain to remove  rock a rock from my way - click on the picture to the right to see details.
Next day we visited Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden and then northeastern part of the island. We tried some off road adventure. It was fun to drive on a very steep and narrow path. We did no rush too much. A white Jeep passed us, we move on side to facilitate passing. A few minutes later the Jeep was stuck in mud in front of us. We did not have any rope, winch or any other tool to dig him out. The only way we could help him was to lend the driver cellular phone to call tow truck. We did not attempt to go any farther: if comparable class SUV was stuck, we could be stuck as well. It would be unpleasant thing to happen to a rented car.
Last island that we had seen was Kauai. We were short on time and we spent only two days there. We stayed at the Sheraton in Poipu.

Beata did not like the picture of sunset. I added it to the page anyway.