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Hotel Bolivar, Lima

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We arrived to Lima Friday night. In the morning we were eager to see individually as may things as possible before our regular guide comes. It was not difficult to achieve since we stayed in hotel Bolivar, downtown Lima.
Before we were ready to go I went outside on reconnaissance how to exchange money. I knew from books I read that street money exchange is legal in Peru, I just wanted to see how it works. Next to our hotel is Jirón Ocona the center of Lima's street foreign exchange market. The moneychangers had clearly marked blue vests with dollar sign on back. As expected street exchange rate was better than in the hotel...

Plaza San Martin was being rebuilt. The were many fences restricting access to certain areas, views of buildings and the statue of José de San Martín were limited and we experienced a lot of noise coming from heavy machinery.
We could see that Lima's municipal government worked hard to make city look more beautiful.