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As an extension to our trip we elected to see Iguazu Falls.
We stayed in a hotel on Argentinean side having magnificent view of the falls, within the walking distance to most of vista points.
Iguazu Falls is a series of cataracts on the Iguazu River above its confluence with the Paraná at the Argentina-Brazil border.
The horseshoe-shaped falls are 269 feet (82 meters) high and 1.7 miles (2.7 km) wide.

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sArgentyna03.jpg (4675 bytes) Water sprayed by the falls and strong sun caused that we could see rainbow quite often. sWodospadyTecza2.jpg (4335 bytes)
Right on arrival we begun sightseeing sArgentyna04.jpg (5091 bytes) sTomekWodospad05.jpg (5852 bytes)
sBrazylia02.jpg (4979 bytes) sTomekWodospad02.jpg (6522 bytes)
sBrazylia03.jpg (6889 bytes) Devil's Throat sGardzielDiabla2.jpg (5131 bytes)
Ant eaters ? (somebody told me that they are not ant eaters but rather caotimundi) sMrowkojady2.jpg (6895 bytes)