Southwest 2002

Canyonlands and Mesa Verde National Parks

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Beata at the Dead Horse Point

View of Green River. Close to the end of 112 mile off-road trip. Note that spare tire is still in place. A few miles later Beata cut a corner and a sharp rock damaged rear right tire. When I tried to replace it, I realized that I could not locate neither lever nor wrenches. We were lucky that 1/2 hour behind there were two guys in a pickup truck. They had proper tools. I was laughing that they had no choice but to help us since we blocked the road.

Beata at Aztec Butte 
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde NP. Light conditions were quite harsh, we had to disqualify lots of pictures 

Tomek inside kiva 
Beata looking into cliff dwelling

Cliff Palace - large dwelling of Anasazi Indians