Torres del Paine

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We spent one day only instead of planned three, because of flood caused by 1998 El Nino. Most roads were impassable, tourists had to be evacuated by boat. Anyway - we were able at least to view the most beautiful parts of the park. sPowodz.jpg (6165 bytes) Tomasz Hilsberg and Lake Armiento sLagoArmiento02.jpg (5886 bytes)
Guanacos sGuanaco02.jpg (8580 bytes) On approach to the heart of the park sTorres02.jpg (4834 bytes)
Cuernos Del Paine - mountains created from layers of various volcanic rocks sCuernos01.jpg (5285 bytes) Volcanic intrusion sIntruzja.jpg (4825 bytes)
The weather could have been much better sTorres03.jpg (5235 bytes) Road was closed because of flood sTorres04.jpg (5821 bytes)
Very strong wind took particles of water from the lake sSzkwal.jpg (5006 bytes) Rainbow caused by strong wind sTecza.jpg (5795 bytes)
Water falls sWodospad02.jpg (6102 bytes) sWodospad03.jpg (6393 bytes)