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[Rochers de Naye]
[Chateau Chillon]


On June 15, 1995 I departed by train from Lausanne. Train is a convenient means of transportation for me: I knew what cities I wanted to visit, I did not have to navigate roads by car. I bought round trip ticket from Lausanne to Bern. I was able to exit train on any stop, to see cities of interest and then to embark another train.

Rochers de Naye The first point on my way. 2045 m above see level. One can get there by a cog rail.
From Rochers de Naye I descended on foot to Montreux
A few train stops from Montreux is Chateau Chillon
After another short train trip I stopped in Freiburg
And then I visited Bern
On the way to Northern Italy we crossed Simplon Pass 2005 m above sea level