Chateau Chillon

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Just a few more train stops and I found myself at Chateau Chillon. I was impressed that they had guides printed even in Polish.
Built on the edge of Lake Geneva, Chillon is a unique and wonderfully preserved 13th century castle. Steeped in history, the first written reference was made in 1160, although it is known that the rock on which the castle was built had been inhabited since antiquity, most likely as a Roman outpost (Roman artifacts uncovered in 1896). This location was considered a formidable trade route along the once ancient road to Italy between the lake and sheer mountains.

In the 19th century, Chillon became one of the most famous landmarks in Switzerland. Lord Byron visited the castle's dungeons and wrote the world-renown poem, The Prisoner of Chillon, inspired by the story of Francois de Bonivard's six-year imprisonment in the 16th century.

Montreux and Chateau Chillon in the background
Tomasz Hilsberg in the window
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