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[Jardins exotique]


Pictures from August 1984 trip to Morocco.
I used my old slides, scratched and dirty. I corrected them using an image editing program.

m39.jpg (8804 bytes)
Rabat: fountain
for ritual ablutions

m58.jpg (8522 bytes)
Rabat - Mausoleum of
king Mohamed the Fifth
m51.jpg (8301 bytes)
Rabat, Bou Regreg river
m66.jpg (10679 bytes)
Rabat, Hassan's Tower
m65.jpg (10066 bytes)
Rabat, Royal guard
m35.jpg (8514 bytes)
Meknes: Ceiling in Mausoleum
of sultan Moulay Idris
m57.jpg (8078 bytes)
Rabat, Kasba Oudaya
m44.jpg (10155 bytes)
Rabat: Avenue of
king Mohammed the Fifth.
m54.jpg (7889 bytes)
Rabat, Mausoleum
of king Mohamed the Fifth
Meknes, city gate
m70.jpg (7991 bytes)
m59.jpg (8445 bytes)
Rabat - city walls
m52.jpg (8011 bytes)
Tomb of sultan Moulay Idris,
m49.jpg (9642 bytes)
Meknes. Ruins of stables that
could house 12,000 horses
m48.jpg (9929 bytes)
Meknes: ruins of stables
m5.jpg (11086 bytes)
Suika Street, Rabat
m25.jpg (9951 bytes) 
Suika Street - main shopping street in Rabat's medina

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